Doctor Farrand Robson, Founder

Doctor Farrand C. RobsonFarrand C. Robson, D.D.S. is the founding member of Oral System Biology, a research, development and training company in Tacoma, Washington. He is also involved in clinical practice at TMJ Diagnostics in Tacoma.


Continually asking questions and not accepting the status quo for results, Doctor Robson has uncovered a science that had not previously been recognized. His commitment has helped thousands of people experience pain-free living and attain unbelievable peace. Doctor Robson’s impact on the world will continue to be felt for years to come.


His work has revealed the most basic physiologic system in the body and the oral origin of a variety of often debilitating symptoms as well as the neuromuscular mechanisms that maintain the oral system. The therapeutic system he developed is based on these discoveries and is designed to be broadly used by trained practitioners.