Oral System Biology Therapy

Oral System Biology (OSB) Therapy involves the use of individually designed intraoral devices. The oral devices manage jaw-related muscle contraction problems as they provide greater ease of oral function.

Results are achieved using oral devices that are based on the new science of OSB.

Dentistry of the future will be based on tested biologic principles that improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Current Course Offerings

“From Dental Sleep Medicine to Restorative Dentistry: Improving Clinical Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction Using Testable Biologic Principles”

This initial course in Tacoma, Washington, from Thursday, November 9th to Saturday, November 11th, 2017, is the first of a series of courses that presents vital, new information every dentist needs in their practice. It reveals new understandings of an oral biological system that directly affects the whole body, and is impacted by every phase of dentistry.

During this course you will:


  • Learn the primary function of the mandible and how, we as dentists, are working in and affecting this system every day
  • Hear about an innovative therapy that influences the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  • See specific dental situations and applications, allowing results to occur more predictably, routinely and with greater magnitude
  • Learn how to obtain new levels of patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Be shown the relationship between physiologic monitoring and oral anatomy
  • Prepare to welcome patients from a growing national referral system
  • Experience a unique combination of hands-on and lecture-based education
  • Receive a custom OSB oral device and experience for yourself the effects of OSB therapy, thereby providing the clearest understanding of the value and potential of OSB.

Specific dental situations and applications will be shown that demonstrate how even minor dental changes can influence the whole body.

Advanced care that impacts a variety of symptoms and conditions using OSB will be introduced. This oral device based therapy allows improved management of TMJ related pain, sleep disorders and other concerns.

You will be able to use what you learned the first day back at your practice. New levels of patient satisfaction and appreciation for quality dental care are easily achieved by following the biological principles presented during the course.

The value and significance of dentistry will become more apparent, as it is specifically shown why whole body health cannot occur without good dental health. Dental excellence will take on new meaning for those who attend this course.

OSB has other courses available for you – including advanced level trainings – and opportunities for your staff to be trained and receive treatment. To learn more about these offerings, please contact us. Call (800) 977-1945, email Jody at jfinn@oralsystembiology.com, or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to serving you and your patients.


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