Dave and I want to thank you for the OSB appliance. I’m still amazed that he hasn’t needed one Motrin tab for his knees and that he sleeps through the night without snoring!
Jessica – Middletown, Ohio


My breathing is better, the snoring is gone, and I have much more energy!
Tom – Dayton, Ohio


I have spent the last 6 years bedridden. I first heard of Doctor Robson from a friend who was also suffering from MS. He insisted that the treatment he was receiving was helping him. My friend’s MS was not as progressed as mine and I thought that his success might be due to this and that I was too far gone for it to help me. I was also reluctant to try anything else, especially because Doctor Robson’s treatment was unconventional to say the least. When I actually saw my friend’s improvement with my own eyes, I decided to give it a try. The first time I saw Doctor Robson, I could actually feel the improvement in my strength. Within the first two weeks of seeing Doctor Robson, he had increased my strength by 35%.
Mike D. – Tacoma, Washington


After 5 years with the OSB, all of the symptoms I had suffered since menopause (anxiety, nasal stuffiness, heart palpitations, brain fog, and high blood pressure) have been either alleviated or lessened greatly. It’s Amazing!
Sharon D. – Fredericksburg, Virginia


That little piece of plastic that I wear in my mouth has tremendously changed my life. Before my appliance I would wake up every morning barely able to walk my feet hurt so much. I limped to the kitchen and asked my mom why my feet hurt so much. She had no idea what was wrong with me. My back hurt, my feet hurt, and my neck hurt. I could find no relief to my constant pain. I didn’t feel like a kid, everyone else would run and play without being in excruciating pain by the time it was over. If I ran or participated in anything athletic trust me, I felt it in the morning. I felt horrible emotionally and physically. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, no one did. I tried getting help at the Chiropractor, after X-rays she told me that I was just a little out of alignment that’s all. So she recommended chiropractic adjustments. So my mom took me regularly to get adjusted. It helped but only for short times. As soon as I ran or something, I got right back out of whack. Concerned my mom took me to Children’s Medical Center in Cincinnati. There they diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. So I started taking an adult dose of ibuprofen every night and morning but that didn’t help much. Between asthma, to arthritis, and bad allergies my family didn’t know what to do.

My mom found out about Oral Systemic Balance. When I went to see Dr.Quinttus I was shocked by how much he knew about me. He knew my personality and what I’ve been going through. So he took molds of my mouth and sent away for my appliance. When he gave it to me I thought there was no way putting this little piece of plastic in my mouth was going to do anything, but I was wrong. Literally as soon as I put it in my mouth all my pain went away. I was shocked. I couldn’t thank him enough.

Today I’m pain free and off the ibuprofen, and I hardly ever use my asthma inhaler any more. My allergies have also improved a lot. Thank you so much Dr. Q for everything you’ve done to change my life and help me feel like a kid again.
Adam – Springboro, Ohio


The benefits I have experienced with OSB are wide ranging. Some are incredible. Some were immediate, such as the relief from 15 years of chronic fibromyalgia pain in my shoulder and neck muscles. Within minutes of using the appliance my headache was gone and Dr. Quinttus and I watched as the swelling in my right hand subsided. Last year I had surgery for carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve relocation. After healing, the wrist and arm remained painful, compounded by psoriatic arthritis, which attacks surgical sites and connective tissue. In an hour’s time the wrist pain and elbow sensitivity were gone. During the first visit even breathing and swallowing became easier. Before that, pills ware very difficult for me to swallow and I needed to eat something to push them down. I even sometimes choked while eating. After a couple adjustments, my feet no longer hurt. Because of arthritis and neuropathy it always felt as though I was walking on sharp, jagged gravel. My feet were cold and looked blue but now they are warm and pink. I had the stiff walk of an old man with feet splayed outwardly. Now I can walk with normal posture. Speaking of posture, my head and neck are no longer forward but in proper alignment. I now rest more comfortably in bed because my feet are no longer freezing and the ‘restless legs’ syndrome is gone! Also, my snoring has been reduced. Another problem I had was extreme intolerance to cold weather and even sensitivity to air conditioning. That has completely changed. Now very often I prefer a wind breaker over an insulated coat, as I did years ago. The psoriatic arthritis, which has never responded significantly to any drug therapy, has been severe and unrelenting for 15 years. I still have it but it is a great deal less intense even without medications. Getting in and out of a car is not the painful, embarrassing effort it had been. My wife documented that the color has come back into my face and my expression and mood are much more relaxed. I agree. I am a much happier man now and I can attribute all of these positive, unbelievable changes to the OSB appliance. I have my life back.

Roger – Dayton, Ohio


Hi, I am Mrs. Thompson, I was referred here after struggling with my voice and pain in my shoulder, neck, and back for over 2 ½ years!! These problems caused me not to sleep at night, I often woke up choking and experienced a great deal of pain. I was not able to hold a conversation over the telephone, for the past year, although my voice isn’t perfect, it is 60% improved. I can talk on the phone throughout the day. Before finding Dr. Robson and team, I truly thought I was going to lose my voice. This office has made a powerful impact on my life, my spirit, my family, and my work. I will never be able to repay what and how this team has improved my quality of life. Thank you for all you do. I Love U
Mrs. Thompson – University Place, Washington


Immediately, when Doctor Robson put the splint in my mouth, I felt a release in my throat. A wave of relaxation engulfed my body. Instantly breathing took no effort. Living in the fog of breathlessness for years, I mistook even daytime breathing effort for ‘normal’ and now realize that I was struggling for air even while awake.

Ronald M. – California


I just wanted to tell you how much better I feel after being fitted for my OSB appliance. After years of tennis, aerobic dancing, and working as a nurse, I had severe pain in my legs, especially the knee and hip joints. I was always thinking about how I needed to sit down to ease the pain. Shopping trips were very short with many breaks for rest. Friends were concerned about my lack of ability to keep up. I even thought about selling my home, because the laundry and my office were on the lower level, and going up and down the stairs was painful. I also had a chronic pain in the left side of my neck. I was taking copious amounts of Tylenol, which also worried me. I also had sought treatment for my chronic fatigue during the day. Since I had restless leg syndrome also, I was referred to a sleep specialist and had a sleep study. It showed that I had a mild case of sleep apnea, but kept waking up to night time pain and jerking movement in my legs. It was interfering with my sleep, and I found that I was falling asleep at stop signs on my way home from work! And what was the doctor’s treatment? Requip, which did help the pain and leg movements but made me drowsy during the day.

I had my first appointment with you in October of 2007, and got my appliance a few weeks later. I never thought a plastic mouth appliance could change my life so drastically, but I am living proof that it did! I no longer have pain in my legs, hips and knees nor a chronic neck pain, and I have no symptoms of RLS. Here is another example of the change in my life. I could never “sleep in.” The pain in my hips would always cause me to get up early. Sleeping past 7:30 a.m. was unheard of. Now I can experience the joy of sleeping in on my days off. I am well rested and have a lot more energy.
Barb – Dayton, Ohio


My sleeping dilemma started a few years ago at the age of 30. I didn’t know what was wrong; I only knew something was wrong. I would wake up many times during the night with my heart racing and nearly out of breath. Other times I would stop breathing and my wife would shake me to see if I was still alive. My snoring wasn’t really snoring, it was more like a loud snort from the constant gasping for breath. I lost so much energy I could barely stay awake during a work day or drive home on my daily commute.

A CPAP machine and mask was prescribed to alleviate the sleep apnea. Although I used the CPAP machine, I hated everyday of it.

I anticipated the arrival of the OSB appliance. It was fitted and my breathing instantly changed from a shallow, forced breath to a full, natural, and deep breath without effort. This is the most restful sleep I’ve had in 7 years.
Shawn – Dayton, Ohio


I have been wearing the OSB mouthpiece since February 2005. Prior to the device I had a headache ranging from mild to severe migraine for 28 days out of the month. I now average only one or two days of having a mild headache per month. I also had chronic neck and left shoulder pain that extended down my left arm and caused carpal tunnel. There were days, too many to count, that all I could do was take a muscle relaxer and go to bed for the day. To say the least life was difficult for this mother of four. I have gone to great lengths to rid myself of these headaches over the past eight years. I have been to two chiropractors, two acupuncturists (one western and one Chinese). I have been prescribed migraine medication, muscle relaxers, anti inflammatory, Sudafed, Excedrin, and multiple others over the medications. I have gone to physical therapy three times and been injected with cortisone shots numerous times. So I guess you could say I actively sought treatment. I would recommend the OSB device to anyone who has headaches and muscular pain that want their life back.
Lorelei – Clayton, Ohio

I woke up a few days after my Balance appliance was seated thinking that I had left my contacts in because my vision was clear. Normally without them my vision is blurry. Not only was I getting a great nights sleep and feeling great but, my eyesight seems to be improving.
Bill – Dayton, Ohio


Upon the very first insertion of the appliance in my mouth, I felt improved breathing. And within days my anxiety level diminished and has remained low. You have continued to ‘tweak’ the appliance and last Friday you made some additional adjustments. I want to tell you that these latest adjustments have me breathing and swallowing like I have not been able to do without difficulty in years. I was also having some problems with movement in my hip and knee, and the pain has vanished and the movement has greatly improved. No choking problems either.
Ken – Dayton, Ohio


My thanks, heartfelt, for giving me back the breath of life, and, thereby, peace of mind before the lack of both had constricted into any of the more visible outer illnesses of our day.
Stuart W. – Fredericksburg, Virginia


I have experienced no tinnitus since the adjustment on August 3. NONE!!! I had tinnitus in my right ear since August 10, 1993. At that time I had sudden onset tinnitus followed by complete hearing loss within 10 hours. The hearing loss abated over the next six weeks, but the tinnitus remained. Other symptoms to be noted prior to getting the splint that have either abated or improved significantly are: headaches, drowsiness, short term memory loss, multiple abrupt sleep interruptions, interruptions of sleep to urinate and lethargy. I had been becoming so sleepy in the afternoon en route home from work, I was almost nodding off at traffic lights. I had to keep my window down. I have not had this symptom since the splint (OSB) was adjusted in February. I rarely have headaches. I no longer have “severe” lower limb muscle spasms and hand cramping for which a doctor had me taking dilantin. I stopped the dilanten in March. My memory has improved and I am no longer lethargic. I get up at night from zero times to one or two; before three to six. I only wear the OSB appliance at night. My snoring is less or none. Keep stretching and raising the bar. Keep learning and daring to be different. You are making a difference in people’s lives, most definitely you have in mine.
Steve – Dayton, Ohio


I’m amazed by the results thus far and I’m confident there’s even more to come. As the days progressed, I had no ‘throw your head against the wall’ headaches; I had more energy, more mental clarity, less irritation, no snoring, calmer in the car and I could feel my vertebrae straightening themselves out. With the orthotic, my head, neck, and back are more upright. My mom and I are amazed at all of the significant and almost immediate results. I’m amazed at what I’ve experienced thus far and eager to experience what’s on the horizon.


I feel that my appliance has given me confidence in my body to train like I need to and to have the calmness to be composed in adrenaline type events. I believe that God answers prayers as we pray in faith and sincerity of heart. I know that God used Doctor Robson’s wisdom in treating me to help me overcome many afflictions of my body. The first time Doctor Robson placed the appliance in my mouth I got a fresh breath of air that I never experienced before in my life. Since having the appliance I’ve excelled in my work outs, my focus when playing basketball is acute and I experience no pain in my joints as before not having the appliance. I would like to tell anybody who’s reading my letter to give Doctor Robson and his staff the chance to make your life better as they have mine.
Anthony A. – Tacoma, Washington


Dr. Robson and his amazing team have saved my life. I will never be able to thank them enough. From looking at me, and talking to me, you would never have been able to tell how much I was suffering. I am 28 years old, suffer from severe anxiety, severe pain throughout my neck and back, and depression in addition to many other symptoms. As a child I was diagnosed with leukemia and went through several years of chemotherapy, which I’m sure had a lot to do with a lot of my pain and suffering. Since coming to Dr. Robson’s office, I have learned what it’s like to feel happy; to wake up in the morning feeling good, and excited about each day. My neck and back pain are almost completely gone, and I finally know what it is like to have a good night’s sleep. I have gone to many doctors and had the same experience and same outcome. I have been put on all sorts of different medication which I’ve tried several of; they all made me feel drowsy, sick, or like a zombie. I decided this was no way to live. Dr. Robson and his team turned my whole world around; they put everything in perspective for me. Who would have thought that breathing is actually good for you?! That it isn’t a psychological issue to get “stressed” when you’re trying to relax. It all makes so much sense. Not only have the pains in my back gone away, but my circulation has gotten better, I no longer have daily headaches, my depression is completely gone and my anxiety has almost completely diminished. I FINALLY know what it is like to relax. Dr. Robson and his team have made such a difference in my life and I will forever be grateful. I could not be more excited about this path that I am on; this new journey to have a happier, pain free way of living. I tell everyone about this treatment and try to get everyone to come to Dr. Robson because it will honestly help EVERYONE have a better, more fulfilling, enjoyable life. I am truly convinced that this is what will change the world in the most positive way possible. Dr. Robson and team, I can never express how truly thankful I am for amazing things you have done for me; for changing my whole world. I love you all and thank God everyday for putting you in my life.
Amy Harte – Auburn, Washington


Doctor Robson is opening my airway and my mind to a brand new way of thinking and functioning. The day and night appliances specially designed by Doctor Robson that keeps my tongue and bite in a forward position allow me to breathe. With improved breathing I am now able to do daily aerobic exercise without collapsing afterward or needing asthma medication. I thank God for their kindness and professional expertise.
Carol S. – Tacoma, Washington


I am today the grateful owner of two nighttime splints and one daytime. I sleep better, do not gag myself awake struggling for air, do not snore, and I have my stamina back. It was a new experience for me to be able to talk to a doctor who listened, and gave answers, and reasons to hope.
Anonymous – California


I soon discovered that the OSB was no ordinary splint. The first indication was the extensive health questionnaire Dr. Quinttus went over thoroughly with me. The second indication came during the first full week I wore the new device. I could hardly believe it when my nighttime leg and feet cramps disappeared. My right knee cap, unstable since a fall six months earlier, stabilized. My Eustachian tube began to function again. The aching in my hips that was particularly troublesome at night subsided. Along with fewer physical problems and better quality sleep, my anxiety level decreased dramatically. I can engage in deep breathing to calm myself in stressful situations. This was something I was never able to do even though I have meditated for years. In addition to feeling calmer and happier, I think more clearly. As a writer, my time limit at the computer rarely total more than four hours at a time. With the OSB, I have managed seven hours without the neck, shoulder, and back distress generally associated with a long day.
Rita – Dayton, Ohio


My family and I were returning from vacation, flying into Seattle, WA. Upon descending and getting ready to land, I yawned to break the tension in my ears and jaw. Upon doing so I heard a pop in my jaw and felt a sharp pain shoot through my jaw. In the weeks that followed the pain in my jaw and the severe headaches that accompanied it became unbearable. I prayed for God to find someone that could help me. He led me to Dr. Robson and his team. He discovered that the cushion between the bones in my jaw had popped out from between them and is not possible to go back, meaning I have bone on bone. It was a blessing to find someone who knew how to help me. A splint was made that relieved the pressure and managed the pain. I have enjoyed my relationship with Dr. Robson and his wonderful and caring team. Through the years I have received great care and now live with minimal to no pain in my jaw. I am able to get a good nights sleep and my health has greatly improved because of the care I have received. Dr. Robson and his team have truly been a God send to my life!
Mary K. – Tacoma, Washington


Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in making the special mouthpiece that has helped with my sleeping and Crohn’s. Before the mouthpiece, I was taking five medications a day for Crohn’s. I now am off of all meds except one. I was even able to stop the steroids! I now sleep 4 hours at a time and no longer take medicine to go back to sleep! My life is changed. I am grateful.
Kim – Dayton, Ohio


Kent came to you because of his history of sleep apnea, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, neck and shoulder discomfort and various other complaints. As a baby, under a year old, he snored so loudly that everyone in a tri level house could hear him. As a young adult he had headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, high blood pressure, lack of sleep, etc., was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was given a CPAP machine which helped some. He was always extremely tired and was then diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. He pushed himself to the limits for his job, etc. and was exhausted all the time. It became his way of life to compensate for all these issues. His blood pressure continued to cause concern. Since he had your OSB appliance seated, his blood pressure has returned to the normal range, his neck and shoulder pain are gone, and he has energy he’d not had before!!!
Linda – Dayton, Ohio